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Free Max Payne 3 DLC Announced

One of Analog Addictions highest rated games this year Max Payne 3 has had the next release of DLC announced as free content, the DLC will be called Disorganized Crime and Rockstar Games has spoken about where the DLC will take place. “Above the streets surrounding Max’s old apartment in the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map.”, the DLC will also more aggressive AI, headshot-only kills for score attack and the inclusion of explosive rounds.

Rockstar also released some more information regarding future DLC for the game, now consolidating the previously announced packs into three larger additions.

“Did you shine you head, in the Shine-O Ball-O?”

The release of the Hostage Negotiation map pack, the DLC which is to follow Disorganized Crime will cost $10 on all platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC). Yet Rockstar is still quiet, on what exactly this DLC pack will include.

Following up in October with the release of two more DLC packs, both packs will feature multiplayer content and will also cost $10. The two packs are called Painful Memories Map Pack and Deathmatch Made in Heaven Mode Pack (Which includes the content previously revealed in New York Minute co-op pack), these two packs do not have a specific date as yet but will release in October.

The latest DLC pack addition for Max Payne 3 came by the Local Justice Pack, which included three new maps and some new weapons. This pack has hit consoles, but will release on PC on August 9th at a first week discounted price of $5.99.

Haven’t played Max Payne 3? You are missing out.

Source: IGN

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