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Forza Horizon: Behind the Scenes – Episode 1

Forza Horizon’s release is looming ever closer, with that Turn 10 Studios the developers behind the game will be releasing behind the scenes videos leading up its  release on October 23. The developers take us through the new additions coming to Horizon, including the vast amount of variations being added.

Dirt roads, next to waterfalls, through cities and towns, the list goes on. These new environments will not only have you trying to beat your opponents, but also defeat the world. The world will be alive with helicopters and planes overhead and all other kinds of distractions, to make the environments feel alive. One of the biggest additions is traffic, traffic will now play a big part in whether you win or lose. Ranging from fast to slow traffic, this added variable will put any of the top drivers to the test.

Night time racing looks gorgeous

Another big addition is night racing, the game will have a full day/night cycle which will add extra variety to each course. Race during the day and then come back at night, to find the course looks and feels completely different and with light now also playing a strong factor in who will come out the victor. These day/night cycles will showcase some gorgeous scenes, with sunsets providing an amazing backdrop for competition. If you do find a picturesque moment you want to capture forever, Horizon offers the ability to take in-game photos to keep in your collection

Stay tuned for episode 2 in the coming weeks.

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