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‘Fort Meow’ Coming to PC, Tablets in 2015

Australian indie publisher, Surprise Attack Games, has announced it will be helping to bring Fort Meow to tablet and PC later this year.

Fort Meow is being developed by Adelaide development studio, Upper Class Walrus, and is a physics-based puzzle adventure featuring forts and cats.

Players will player as Nia, a small girl who discovers her grandfather’s journal within the attic of her grandmother’s home. Upon finding the journal, Nia is attacked by an onslaught of cat assassins, forcing her to build a fort for her own protection.

In order to create strong forts to protect her from the feline army, Nia must explore her grandmother’s home to unlock household items that can be used to build her fort. Each item will have its own independent physics and special attributes, which must be kept in mind while Nia continues to unravel the mysteries of her grandfather’s journal.

GDC attendees will be able to experience Fort Meow before release, with Surprise Attack showcasing a tablet build at this years event.


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