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First ‘NBA Live 15’ Trailer Released

EA has released the first trailer for their upcoming basketball title, NBA Live 15, which showcases the new enhanced player likeness, body types and updated footwear and accessories for the 2014-15 NBA season.

The new trailer is fully comprised of in-game footage, with every aspects of the trailer something that fans will be able to experience in the full game. EA has also revealed new information including new gameplay details, modes, features and improvements will be announced throughout the month of September. NBA Live 15 will include the most photo-realistic visuals in the franchises history, including over 500 gameplay improvements, real-time dunk and layup physics, always-connect online game modes and more.

NBA Live 15 will be available in North America on October 7, Australia on October 9 and New Zealand on October 10, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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