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First ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Square Enix has released the first gameplay teaser for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The debut gameplay footage was released at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience, offering fans the first chance to see the highly anticipated remake in action. It’s worth noting that the footage shown within this trailer is a work in progress, and the visuals may still change by the official release.

The debut footage showcased the beautifully improved visuals, but also offered a glimpse into the newly revamped combat system. “This new trailer gives you a glimpse into how Final Fantasy VII Remake will play and you’re probably thinking that it has changed quite a bit,” said Square Enix Community Manager Daniel Seto on the PlayStation Blog. “It definitely looks more action oriented and has a real feeling of speed. There’s a lot going on in this trailer so hopefully you’ve managed to pick out all of the details.”

Alongside the new Final Fantasy VII Remake footage, Square Enix also confirmed the Final Fantasy VII port is now available to download on PlayStation 4. The Final Fantasy VII port is different from the upcoming remake, housing what is essentially a similar version of the original; but with added trophy support.

Players can also download Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 at a “special launch price” until December 12, with every player who purchases the game also receiving a static custom Final Fantasy VII Remake theme. The theme features Cloud and the cityscape of Midgar from the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

At this stage there is no official release information for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we do know the remake is coming to PlayStation 4.


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