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‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’ – “The Plot Thickens” In-Depth Story Trailer

Square Enix has released a new in-depth story trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in celebration of the game’s launch.

The new trailer showcases a deeper look into the Type-0 storyline, which takes place within the world of Orience. Players will control Class Zero, an elite force of solders whose country has been attacked by an neighbouring Empire. Players will utilise a combination of powerful magic and combat abilities to dethrone the Empire.

Alongside the new trailer Square Enix has also released a Final Fantasy Type-0 HD personality quiz for fans to discover which character they are most like. The character personality quiz is available here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is now available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, alongside the playable demo of Final Fantasy XVEpisode Duscae. The Final Fantasy XV demo is only available with day one units “while stocks last”. You can also check out the official launch trailer here.


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