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‘Final Fantasy Agito’ Western Release Announced For iOS, Android

Following the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 earlier today, Square Enix has also unveiled the western release of Final Fantasy Agito, which will be coming to iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy Agito is already available in Japan, but this will be the first time western audiences will be able to get their hands on the title. Set within the war-torn land of Orience, players will take on the role of a cadet in the Dominion of Rubrum as they aim to become Agito, a prophesised saviour of Orience.

Agito will allows players to create a unique character, utilising character customisation options, including gender, facial features, and more. Players will also be able to interact with characters from Final Fantasy Type-0 and make decisions that will effect the course of history in game, which will then effect the worldwide player community. Your character will also be able to gain experience from minds in order to raise your level, as well as confront powerful enemies in large-scale cooperative battles.

Final Fantasy Agito will be a free download that will feature in-app purchase for iOS and Android devices, no release date for the western release was confirmed.


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