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Final ‘Defiance’ Beta Dates Released for PC & Consoles

Trion Worlds online open-world shooter Defiance, is about to enter its final PC beta phase. Starting March 23 at 2am AEDT, and ending March 25 3pm AEDT. This will also be the first time PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players, will get a chance to experience the multiplayer gameplay and massive co-op boss battles.

Official invitations for the beta are scheduled to be distributed next week, outlining the specific details of each platform’s beta. Players participating in the beta will play as Ark Hunters, these genetically enhanced fearless operatives scour the Earth looking for alien technology and offer thousands of upgrade options.

This final beta will allow players to explore the Mr. Tam and Madera regions, with co-op battles taking place on Angel Island and Cronkhite bunker. Players looking for competitive action will test their might in the Freight Yard and the Observatory.

Trion revealed last week players who pre-order Defiance, will receive an exclusive in-game red Dodge Charger at launch, including the previously announced pre-order items. The Dodge Challenger is the fastest vehicle in the game, with Madera offering a time trial challenge that allows players to test the vehicle for themselves.

Defiance will launch this April on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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