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‘FIFA’ Fans Petition The Inclusion of Female Playable Characters

Fans of the popular FIFA franchise have created a petition to bring playable female characters into FIFA 14.

Though FIFA 14 has yet to be revealed, we all know the annual franchise will continue this year. Organisers of the petition call for playable female characters, which hasn’t been included in the franchise’s history. The petition has recently reached 7,000 signatures, coming closer to its goal of 19,000.

The petition states that 40% of US soccer players are female, with the ESA stating 47% are also gamers. A similar petition was created last year, however series producer David Rutter stated there were “no plans” to include female players.

EA Sports has had similar issues last year with their NHL series, when a teenage girl reached out to the company to add playable female characters. This led to a few playable female character in NHL 13, but so far hasn’t shifted EA Sports stance on the FIFA franchise.

With FIFA 14 yet to be revealed, it could be a possibility that EA decides to include female character models. After being voted ‘Worst Company in America’ for the second year running in a Consumerists readers poll, some positive press wouldn’t go astray.

Source: VG247

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