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Fay Cry 3: Island Survival – Psychopaths, Drugs and other Dangers

Ubisoft’s Island Survival series first showed us the vicious animals that the islands of Far Cry 3 possess, today they focus on psychopaths, drugs and other dangers. We are shown the main villain in Far Cry 3 known as Vaas Montenegro and the illegal operations he runs, from supplying drugs, pirating, black market sales, working for the biggest slave trader in the southern hemisphere and kidnapping hostages leading to their untimely demise.

Hunt cheetahs, get money

Introducing the medical adviser on the island Dr. Earnhardt, who will teach you how to find your own remedies amongst the islands many wild plant life, unfortunately there will be side affects. We were also shown the importance of outposts, clearing these outposts of enemies will give you a new place to sleep and save your game, meaning less space to travel if you are killed by these dangerous islands.

Weapons were also acknowledged letting us know more weapons can be purchased by cash, which can be earned doing side mission such as deliveries. Cash can also be acquired through hunting and crafting, or even gambling your cash in a game of poker.

We were left with the image of a massive black bear attacking an enemy, bears confirmed.

Source: ubisoft

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