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Exclusive Rayman Legends Mode Coming to Wii U This April

Earlier this month we reported the delay and now non-exclusivity of Rayman Legend for the Nintendo Wii U, even though series creator Michael Ancel protested Ubisoft’s decisions.

It has now been confirmed a new exclusive mode for the Wii U will be release during the beginning of April, 100% free of charge. This new mode will be called The Online Challenges Mode, which will feature online leaderboard support.

These challenges will generate weekly and daily, featuring their own leaderboard. These challenges will take place within 5 different settings including The Deadly Pit, The Land of the Dead, The Infernal Tower, The Dojo and finally The Dungeon. The latter will provide its own exclusive online challenge, for the Wii U console. All challenges will be available for up to 5 players, including those using the GamePad functionality.

This is a small consolation prize for Wii U owners ,who have had to wait through multiple delays for Rayman Legends to appear on the system.

Rayman Legends will now appear this September on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Silconera

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