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‘Evolve’ – Happy Hunting Trailer

2K and Turtle Rock Studios have released the first trailer for the upcoming 4 v 1 multiplayer shooter Evolve.

Entitled “Happy Hunting” the trailer showcases the savage battles between the four human soldiers, and the one ever-evolving monster. The four human controlled players must manage their abilities and play their role in tracking down and killing the beast, these roles include a Healer, Assault, Support and Hunter; which all have unique abilities that must be utilised to become victorious.

On the other end of spectrum is the monster itself, who is also controller by a human player. The player must kill and eat other lifeforms on the planet in order to evolve, allowing them to become stronger and gain more abilities. Attacking your human combatants head-on from the start is a mistake as your monster will be weak and underpowered, evolving your monster will allow you to change the tides and allow the hunted to become the hunter.

Evolve is available to pre-order and offers a new monster type for those that do. Evolve is scheduled to release in Fall/Autumn 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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