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EVO 2016 – Bob and Master Raven Announced for ‘Tekken 7’ Roster

Tekken fans attending EVO 2016 have been treated to the reveal of two new roster additions for Tekken 7, which include Bob and Master Raven.

Bob, full name Robert Richards, was first introduced to the Tekken series in Tekken 6. Bob is an American fighter that practices Freestyle Karate, alongside his natural strength and speed that make Bob one of the most well rounded fighters in the series.

The original character of Raven made his debut in Tekken 5, but Master Raven in Tekken 7 will be a female adversary. Master Raven specialises in ninjutsu, which couples well with her exceptional power and precision.

Alongside the announcement of the inclusion of Bob and Master Raven in Tekken 7, a selection of screenshots and new gameplay trailers were released for both characters; which can be found throughout this article.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release in “earl 2017” for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. New information was also revealed for The King of Fighters XIV at EVO 2016, with a new story trailer released and upcoming demo announced.


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