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European PlayStation Plus Content Announced

The European PlayStation Blog has announced the titles coming to European PlayStation Plus subscribers this February.

Starting February 5, PlayStation 4 owners will gain access to the intense horror title Outlast. Which follows a reporter who enters an abandoned mental asylum following an anonymous tip, providing one of the best horror titles from 2013.

While PlayStation 3 owners will find Metro: Last Light and Bioshock Infinite available from January 29.

Metro: Last Light is the impressive sequel to the original title Metro: 2033, which are based on the original Metro novel series written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. While Bioshock Infinite sees players controlling Booker Dewitt as he searches for a young girl named Elizabeth in the city of Columbia, situated in a floating city high above the earth.

Beginning January 29, Vita owners will be able to download Dynasty Warriors Next and ModNation Racer: Road Trip.

Those who have not downloaded the January titles on offer will need to download PlayStation 3 and Vita titles before January 29, while PlayStation 4 owners will have access to January’s line-up until February 5.

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