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‘EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup’ Game Mode Details

EA has released a new developer diary for the upcoming release of EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup, hosted by Lead Designer Matt Prior, the new video focuses on what game modes players will find when the game release this April.

The main game mode is the FIFA World Cup itself, known as Road to the FIFA World Cup  players to control one of the 203 officially FIFA sanctioned national teams in what EA is calling “The most immersive tournament mode in EA Sports history.” Players will be able to compete in qualifying matches, that will ultimately lead to the FIFA World Cup final in Brazil. Captain Your Country will allow players to control a single player as they look to rise through the ranks and become captain of their FIFA World Cup squad.

Story of Qualifying will have players competing in over 16 different scenarios from history, players will be encouraged to recreate these real-life events to complete each scenario. Story of Finals will offer players challenges based on the days events.

FIFA World Cup online will see players facing off in group stages, where they will eventually qualify and have to win four straight matches online to be crowned World Cup champions. While Road to Rio De Janeiro is an online mode that will take place across all 12 hosting Brazilian cities for the FIFA World Cup, the mode will feature fully licensed stadiums as players win matches online to advance through the rankings.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup will also feature the typical Kick Off, Online Friendlies, Skill Games and EA Sports Football Club when it launches in North America April 15, while Europe, Australia and New Zealand will have to wait until April 17.


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