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E3 2016: ‘Madden NFL 17’ Gameplay Trailer, eSport Features Revealed

EA has revealed a new gameplay trailer for Madden NFL 17 and new eSport features.

Madden NFL 17 will allow players to enjoy new Franchise Mode options, new gameplay features and will have a strong emphasis on eSport functionality.

Madden NFL 17 will have weekly eSport contests and have 3 new ways to compete in eSport events. These include Challenger, which makes hosting tournaments easier; Premier events, which are huge tournaments EA hosts; while EA Major Events are global marquee events with the best players across the globe.

EA also revealed the Madden NFL 17 Championship, which will feature a $1 million prize pool. Expect more information on EA’s new eSport focus throughout the rest of EA’s E3 press conference.


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