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E3 2016: ‘Gravity Rush 2’ Gameplay Trailer, Screens Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Japan Studio have released a new trailer for Gravity Rush 2.

The new gameplay trailer is short, but (very) sweet, showcasing both Kat and Raven working together to take down a new variety of Nevi menace; or perhaps a new breed of enemy altogether? Further on during the new footage Kat is seen facing off against a gigantic Metal Gear-like robot, which seems to have Nevi characteristics, with a focus on purple coloured weak spots – like the aforementioned Nevi.

Aside from the possible new enemy variants, the new gameplay showcases a variety of beautiful new locations Kat will explore during her upcoming adventure. These new lands have a brighter colour palette than the original Gravity Rush, and the increased visual fidelity provided by the PlayStation 4 helps emphasise these new colourful additions.

Unfortunately at this time no release date for Gravity Rush 2 has been announced, and the tentative “2016” PlayStation 4 launch window is still in effect. When AA knows more about the release date of Gravity Rush 2 we will let you know, until then check out our review of the PlayStation 4 Gravity Rush Remastered release from earlier this year.


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