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E3 2015: ‘Fallout 4’ Screenshots, Art Work Released

Bethesda has released a new batch of Fallout 4 screenshots and art work, following the extensive announcements that were made regarding the upcoming release during the Bethesda E3 showcase.

Earlier today Executive Producer and Game Director at Bethesda Todd Howard, revealed many new features that will be included in Fallout 4 and the new screenshots give us a closer look at those systems. Firstly, the new images showcase the new character design mechanics, which ditch the old Fallout method of sliders to create your character, to instead allow players to customise and sculpt their players face as they wish.

The new images also give us a beautiful look at Fallout 4 in action on the new version of the Creation Engine, a closer look at some examples of what players can create with the new base building mechanics, as well as a detailed look at a number of beasts players will find among the wasteland.

While the art work showcases many of the moments we saw in action throughout the lengthy gameplay demo during the Bethesda E3 showcase, these pieces of art look gorgeous and are worth checking out to appreciate the beautiful work that Bethesda’s art designers have been creating.

Fallout 4 will release November 10, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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