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‘Dying Light’ – “Kill or Be Killed” Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Techland have released a new trailer for the upcoming open-world, zombie-infected, Dying Light.

The new trailer focuses on the aspect of dealing with a world where the populous has turned into the living dead, it is a kill or be killed world and only the extremely savage and brutal can survive. Seeing those close to you turn into flesh-obsessed creatures would be hard for anyone, but being that person to finally land the killing blow to these once human-beings is another story entirely.

Dying Light will introduce players to the city of Harran after a vicious outbreak has ravaged the population. These walking dead are docile and manageable during the daylight, but when the sun sets the gameplay and urgency of the situation is increased as these creatures become more deadly.

Dying Light will release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC sometime this year.

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