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‘Dungeonland’ “Free Admission Edition” Announced

Paradox Interactive has announced a new “Free Admission Edition” of the cooperative action game Dungeonland.

Dungeonland has players entering a theme park where they must survive relentless hordes of friendly staff and stealing loot from gift shops. Available today the Free Admission Edition will allow players to experience the cruelty of Dungeonland, alongside up to three players – including a fourth player as the park’s devious Dungeon Maestro. New players to Dungeonland will now also be able to earn Steam Trading Cards

The Free Admission Edition offers the “DM Tower” stage for players free of charge, in both normal and DM Mode – where one player commands the park and its inhabitants against three players. Three additional stages will also be available by purchasing the in-game All-access Pass.

Current owners of Dungeonland will be upgraded to the All-access Pass for free.

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