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‘Driveclub’ PlayStation Plus Edition Details Revealed

Evolution Studios has announced the details regarding the PlayStation Plus version of their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, Driveclub.

Evolution Studios’ Community Development Manager, Jamie Brayshaw, revealed the details on the PlayStation Blog. Plus subscribers will be able to downloaded a free version of Driveclub that will include 11 tracks, 10 cars, access to every game mode, all situated in one location – India.

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition is designed to be a quick and easy way for gamers all over the world to join the Driveclub community,” Brayshaw said on the PlayStation Blog post. “You can take part in all the game modes, set, send and compete in challenges, and race online against others in the Driveclub community.”

PlayStation Plus subscribers looking to upgrade to the full release will only have to spend $50 USD, which will include 55 tracks, 50 cars, and all 50 tour events. The retail version of Driveclub is expected to cost $60 USD, which gives Plus subscribers a small discount for upgrading.

The Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will work like any other title in the Instant Game Collection, with access being revoked when the subscription ends, but will be reinstated once your subscription is reinstated.

Driveclub recently received a release date of October 7 in North America, and October 8 in Australia and the UK. Driveclub was originally meant to release alongside the PlayStation 4 console release.


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