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‘Dragon’s Prophet’ Publisher Hosts Charity Contest

Berlin-based publisher Infernum recently released the online role-playing game Dragon’s Prophet, and now they will be hosting the global “Your Video for Charity” contest. Where fans can submit Dragon’s Prophet related videos for a chance to win prizes from MIFcom and ROCCAT, including the decision on how much money will be donated and to which charity.

Participants can submit their own YouTube links on the contest website and browse the others entries in the contest. The video which receives the highest amount of likes between October 17 – November 30 will win a high-end gaming PC from MIFcom and some ROCCAT gear, along with €10,000, with at least €5,000 of it being donated to the charity of their choice.

“Let’s Players, streamers and YouTubers in general are the rising stars of the video game industry. Each and every day, they entertain millions of gamers and share their game experience with their fans, resulting in unforgettable tales”, explains Marco Neubert, Director Brand Management of Infernum Productions AG

“We’re really looking forward to working together with them to do something for a cause and we’re excited to see what all the aspiring directors and movie makers will come up with.”

When submitting your entry, contestants must clearly state how much of the prize money they want to donate and to which charity. Alongside the best video, an internal winner will be hand-picked and will receive the same prizes.

Here is a full list of prizes available.

  1. 2x MIFcom Gaming-PC

  2. 2x ROCCAT Gaming Hardware

  3. Kone Pure Optical Mouse

  4. Sense Meteor Blue Mousepad

  5. Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

  6. Kulo Stereo Headset

  7. 2x 10.000€, of which at least €5,000 will be donated to charity

For more information on the contest, make sure to check the official website.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, his personal blog and his videos on YouTube.


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