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Doom Creators Hiring for Next-Gen

Id Software looks to be hiring for the next generation console cycle, the creators of Doom and Quake have a job listing for a UI programmer. “to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles.”, is the official description of the job position they are looking to fill.

The listing also includes the fact that they are looking for someone with DirectX 11 experience, this will apparently increase the chance of getting the position. DirectX 11 has been rumoured strongly to be included in next generation hardware, so this job listing is very interesting as no current generation supports DirectX 11.

Last worthy note is that Id require “familiarity with id Software games, characters, brands and universes”, this could be hinting towards the apparent Rage DLC that recently appeared in Europes’s PEGI ratinsg board or maybe the long rumored Doom4.

Id’s last game release was back in October of last year, Rage. Which was released to critically mixed reviews and was sort of forgotten in wake of a massive Holiday selection of games. Next month Id’s annaual Quakecon will be occuring, it is rumoured that Id’s next projects will be spoken about then.

Id’s latest announced title is the re-mastered verision of Doom 3 which is titled Doom 3: BFG Edition, it will be released October 16th 2012 in the US and the 19th everywhere else.

Sources: IGN, Zenimax Jobs

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