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‘Disney Infinity’ Receives New “Monstrous Pranks” Toy Boxes

Disney Interactive has decided to celebrate April Fools by offering five new created Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity.

Players were tasked to create Toy Boxes with the theme “Monstrous Pranks”, and were encouraged to use the prank-tastic toys found in the Monster University Play Set. The five Toy Boxes chosen are listed below and can now be downloaded from the Toy Box Share menu in Disney Infinity.

  1. Touch The Light- Touch the light. Simple enough, right? Hint: Have patience and be observant in the spring room. Spring room? You’ll see!

  2. Sulley’s Maze- It’s Prank Day at MU! Sulley has made a maze with a lot of pranks. Save 5 trapped students then prank Sulley back!

  3. Prank 626- Brave the twisted teleporters and find the 4 spray paint cans so that Stitch can finish his “artwork”.

  4. Quest For Archie- Randall and the gang have pig-napped Archie. Help Fear Tech rescue their mascot through the maze of awesomeness!

  5. Gravity Falls- Something weird is happening in Gravity Falls… well, more weird than usual. Mysterious monsters have pranked the town.

The overall best Toy Box of the week was “Touch The Light”, which is a tricky adventure that requires keen observation and teamwork to get through.

Disney Infinity is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and 3Ds.


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