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‘Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved’ Available Now

Disney Interactive and Harmonix have officially launched Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, the musical motion title is now available across Australia for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Developed by Harmonix, the creators of both Rock Band and Dance Central, players will become the sorcerer’s latest apprentice and must explore remarkable new worlds as they unlock the “magic within the music”.

Alongside the launch trailer which is located above, a behind-the-scenes series look at the making of Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is available here. The behind-the-scenes video series showcases exclusive animation, design, history, archives and much more about the creators of Music Evolved.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved features over 30 tracks, which include pop, hip hop, rock, classical and more. Using the Kinect motion control sensor players will control musical flow through each track, which include songs from such artists as David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Elton John, Imagine Dragons, Jimi Hendrix and more. Those looking to experience more track can purchase digital mix packs for $5.35, allowing players to tailor which tracks they want to experience in Music Evolved.


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