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Dishonored Developer Documentary – Immersion

Bethesda has released a video featuring the developers and artists behind their upcoming title Dishonored, created by Arkane Studios. Arkane has made sure to fully realize their fictional world, hiring industrial designers to work on the science fiction elements of their city. Dunwall is based off the 1800-early 1900’s London and Edinburgh. Attention to detail is key as studies went into the weather presence in London, to try and mimic the atmosphere and lighting that the weather presents to give the world an extra sense of believability.

When it comes to technology Arkane Studios kept with the idea that in this time period everything was mechanical, everything ran by steam or fuel power, keeping with this theme and time period they were able to create some interesting and unique features to the city of Dunwall. Deciding to add more science fiction elements to the designs, they were able to create such things as the Tall-Boys, adding to the steam-punk/science-fiction vibe that Dishonored presents.

Character design is another part of Dishonored that was crafted to fit the world, study into the English facial structure such as nose, eyes and mouth of people who lived in this time was critical. Adding in these subtle features, makes the world come to life and feel realistic, even though you control a  supernatural assassin. The detail is striking, to hear they actually detailed every single particular class of character. With the guards given bigger hands, a rounder face and aristocrats given a more slender body and a rougher face, these small details may not be noticed by the average gamer, but Arkane Studios has gone the extra mile to factor in these ingredients.

Is it a dog? Is it a crocodile? Is it a giraffe? No, it’s a Wolfhound

Designing the people of Dunwall is not the only thing the developers have work hard on, the Wolfhound one of the guard dogs in the game. Has been modeled after a dog of course, but actually has been altered with some crocodile and giraffe tendencies to create a unique animal that has never been seen before. Adding in the exceptional voice talent behind the game including Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise), Carrie Fisher and Brad Dourif Dishonored looks to be hitting all the right targets (Assassin pun intended).

Arkane Studios is trying their best to add to the immersion of  Dishonored, we won’t have to wait long to see what their finished product turns out. With Dishonored releasing October 9 in North America, October 11 in Australia and October 12 in Europe on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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