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Devolver Digital Announces ‘Gassy Mob’ For Mobile Devices

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced Gassy Mob for mobile devices, a game focused on the premise of farting on others. This is true.

Developed by Flee Punk players must have their character chow down on a range of snacks to build up their gassy reserves, before farting on unsuspected individuals. Of course farting on people won’t go unnoticed and people won’t be happy, as you continue to fart on people your combo will increase, as will the angry mob hunting you down. Players can use gassy bombs to help keep the angry mob at bay.

Players will be able to unlock helpful bizarre items, bonus equipment, which include electric jellyfish and spicy peppers, and even companions to join in on the smelly fun. To help keep the farting fresh, each terrain is randomly generated, from delightfully colourful neighbourhoods, to quaint towns.

Gassy Mob is scheduled to release in 2015 for iOS and in 2016 for Android for $2.99.


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