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Details Regarding ‘Destiny’ Companion App Revealed

IGN and Bungie have reveals a myriad of details regarding the Destiny companion app, which will be available to download alongside the beta later this week.

Players are able to view a fully realised 3D model every character they have created in Destiny  on the app, while also allowing them to view a plethora of statistics as well. These range from amount of kills, to your progress in challenges. Players will also be able to check which vendors are currently available in the Tower, while also checking out their characters current inventory.

Interestingly players can also customise their loadout of weapons and armour from their device, with the changes taking effect in real time. The customisations taking effect the next time you start playing Destiny.

Those wanting to explore every inch of Destiny’s expansive lore will find most of their time spent in the Grimoire. This section of the companion app houses cards that are unlocked in Destiny, these showcase greater details of characters, locations and event in the universe, allowing players to explore the world of Destiny on the go.

The Destiny companion app is free and will be coming to iOS and Android devices, while there will also be a web based application available. Throughout the beta the app will be available on iOS for iPhones, where any player on any platform are able to utilise the free application. Bungie has stated by launch the app will be available for iPad, while also stating there is no Windows Phone version planned.

The Destiny beta will begin on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms July 17, before going offline for maintenance between July 21 and July 23. From July 23 all platforms will go live with the beta, which includes the aforementioned PlayStation platforms and Xbox One and Xbox 30 until its closure on July 27. You can check out Analog Addiction’s has collaborative impressions on the Destiny alpha, alongside an extensive collection of gameplay.


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