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‘Destiny’ Let’s Play [PS4] – The First 15 Minutes

Destiny has finally launched worldwide, the highly anticipated shooter from the creative minds at Bungie. With an online game of this magnitude our review will take some time before it is released, until then Analog Addiction will be showcasing our entire Destiny journey on our YouTube channel.

Below is the first of our extensive Let’s Play series which showcases the first 15 minutes of Destiny gameplay, including a look at the character creation process.

Our gameplay series will continue over the next few weeks, with more gameplay videos uploaded daily via the Destiny Let’s Play Playlist. Keep checking back each day and let us know what aspects of Destiny you want to see and we will make sure we cover them as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Analog Addiction for our full reviews, very soon.


Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, and his videos on YouTube.



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