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‘Death’s Gambit’ Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016

Developer White Rabbit has announced its game Death’s Gambit will release on PlayStation 4 in 2016.

White Rabbit art director Alex Kubodera made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog. Death’s Gambit is described as a “challenging” 2D action RPG, where players will explore an alien medieval planet. The land itself will be full of beasts, knights and many more horrors looking to stop you in your tracks.

Death’s Gambit is a “nonlinear” open world game, with boss battles gating player progress. Some boss encounters will require the player to climb the beast and battle upon its shoulders. Kubodera also stated players can expect a “deep combat system”, but aside from multiple weapon types, little more was revealed.

Death’s Gambit begins with your character on the verge of their demise at the hands of an immortal. Players will meet Death themselves, who extends them an offer. Players must destroy the source of immortality that plagues the world, in exchange for their resurrection.


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