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Dead Island: Riptide Advertisement Banned in Australia

The Advertising Standards Board of Australia has banned an advertisement for Dead Island: Riptide.

The above trailer was released in September of last year, but it has now been banned from appearing on TV in Australia. The trailer showcases a young couple surrounded by zombies, who decide to blow themselves up rather then face the zombie onslaught that awaits them.

Australian site Mumbrella stated, “ad is too graphic in terms of its depiction of suicide, particularly the final image of the man hanging from a tree” and could be “very traumatic” for those who have lost a family member to suicide.”

The Advertising Standards Board has considered the advertisement a breach of the Advertiser Code of Ethics, claiming, “the issue of suicide is a very significant community concern and (the Board) considered that the use of images which are strongly suggestive of suicide is not appropriate in the context of a television advertisement for a computer game.”

Australia only recently gained R18+ classification, which allowed Dead Island: Riptide to release in the country.

The distributor of Dead Island: Riptide in Australia, All Active Entertainment responded to the final verdict:

“AIE are disappointed that the Board has determined that a depiction of suicide in an overtly fantastical setting is an unjustifiable depiction of violence. Whilst real life suicide is of course a matter of grave concern in our communities we feel this ought not to bar the subject from portrayal in a fantasy setting.”

The case has been made available online here.

Analog Addiction gave Dead Island: Riptide 7.5/10.

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