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‘Dark Souls II’: Release Date & Collector’s Edition Revealed

Namco Bandai Games Europe has announced Dark Souls II will release March 14 in Europe and Australasia, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While PC players in both regions will see the game release “shortly after”.

Alongside the release date announcement, we were also showcased the Collector’s Edition and Black Armour Edition of Dark Souls II.

“Dark Souls II will offer hardcore fans and newcomers alike a challenging yet rewarding experience with a whole new sense of achievement,” said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice-President at Namco Bandai Games Europe. “Working closely with FromSoftware, we’re excited to be bringing these Collector’s Edition and special Black Armour Edition, with appealing added content for everyone that will allow them to fully dive into the world of Dark Souls II.”

These editions are now available for pre-order and the content included in both editions can be found below.

Dark Souls II: Collector’s Edition

  1. Copy of Dark Souls II.

  2. Premium quality Warrior Knight Figurine, measuring at 12 inches / 30 cm in height and weighting nearly 16 ounces / 450 grams.

  3. Exclusive hardbound art-book, including never-before-seen images created by the artists at FromSoftware.

  4. A sizable full-colour fabric map of the Dark Souls II world.

Dark Souls II: Black Armour Edition

  1. Copy of Dark Souls II.

  2. Metal game case.

  3. Official game soundtrack, composed by Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba.

Pre-ordering Dark Souls II will see players automatically be upgraded to the Dark Souls II: Black Armour Edition, while stocks last.

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