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Dad Stabs Son After Pawning Family’s PlayStation

San Antonio police have reported a drunken father has stabbed his son, after pawning the family’s PlayStation console.

The father in his 50’s was allegedly angry at his 26 year old son all day Friday, but after several hours of drinking decided to confront his son. The son was at a friend’s house, located in the 400 block of San Blas at the time of the attack.

The San Antonio police state the father arrived at the friend’s house at 2am Saturday morning, before initiating an argument with his son.

The argument became physical, when the police state the father stabbed the son in the lower-back.

The son has been taken to the University Hospital in a stable condition, while the father could be facing aggravated assault charges.

Officers have also noted the PlayStation was the family’s Blu-Ray Player.

Source: Ken5

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