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Curve Studios Announces ‘Lone Survivor’ PS3/Vita Delay

Curve Studios has announced their upcoming PlayStation 3/Vita title Lone Survivor will be delayed until September.

Curve Studios announced this news on their official Twitter account, crediting the delay to improving the titles quality.

Lone Survivor on PS3/Vita is delayed until September. Many apologies, but we'd rather release an amazing game later than a good game early. — Curve Digital (@CurveDigital) August 1, 2013

The PlayStation version of the title was being aimed for an August release, so the delay will be around one months time.

Originally released on PC, the survival horror title has been reached critical acclaim with a 81 average on Metacrtic.

Curve Studios latest title Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark was release last week, with our full review located here.

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