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Crytek Developing Free-to-Play Title ‘The Collectables’ For Mobile Devices

Crytek has joined forces with leading mobile games company DeNA to develop its first free-to-play title on mobile platforms called The Collectables.

The Collectables will boast stunning visuals based on Crytek’s CRYENGINE technology, blending action and tactics as players lead a squad of soldiers on missions from around the globe.

“DeNA offers unparalleled experience in the mobile gaming space, and we’re excited to be collaborating with their team to deliver The Collectables to players,” stated Paha Schulz, Director of Business Development, Games-as-a-Service at Crytek. “The Collectables will be the first free-to-play mobile game that leverages Crytek’s cutting-edge 3D game technology CRYENGINE.”

Players will experience over-the-top gunfights while controlling their team of unique soldiers, each soldier will also feature upgradeable weapons and abilities. The Collectables will feature 3D battlefields and a diverse range of enemy types to battle.

The Collectables is available for preregister, which will inform players when the game is available to download, which will also offer an exclusive version of the in-game character Reload with limited edition gear.

The Collectibles will be available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices through DeNA’s mobile games platform Mobage.

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