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Could Quantic Dream Be Announcing New Game Wednesday?

Could Quantic Dream have something planned?

This Wednesday is the much anticipated PlayStation Meeting, ever since the announcement of this event the rumours have been flying stating that this will be the unveiling of the PlayStation 4. Some are even speculating what new games could be on show at the event, including the possible reveal of a new title from PlayStation exclusive developer Quantic Dream.

The vigilant folks over on NeoGaf noticed that Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière, has recently tweeted that he is currently in New York City. Could this be a coincidence? Or could Quantic Dream be making an announcement in under 48 hours at the PlayStation meeting?

Could this be next generation?

A few weeks ago it was discovered Quantic Dream registered a domain ‘‘, which is similar to their previous securing of the domain ‘’. Though this is purely speculation, very interesting coincidences are connecting. Many have speculating that the previous ‘Kara Demo’ shown last year, could possibly be ‘SingularityPS4’.

What could we have in store in less than 48 hours? Could next generation finally be here? And could Quantic Dream be one of the first, to unveil what next generation can accomplish?

Source: Gameinformer

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