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Could ‘Fallout 4’ Launch in 2015?

Earlier today Bethesda announced Fallout 4 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but when will it be released?

Though no release date or launch window was revealed in the debut trailer for Fallout 4, multiple outlets are stating that Fallout 4 could launch as early as 2015.

Earlier today EB Games Australia sent out an email boasting that Fallout 4 will launch in 2015, moving to its official website EB Games Australia states that Fallout 4 is set to release in “TBC 2015”.

Although this could certainly be a placeholder release window, this isn’t the only location that has hinted towards a 2015 launch. Earlier today IGN reported that the official Bethesda online store was also suggesting a “TBA 2015” release. Though it is worth noting that release has now been removed and simply states “TBA”. Though Bethesda has since stated, “we haven’t released a date”.

These two sources do not confirm that Fallout 4 will launch in 2015. Though it could be possible that each outlet jumped the gun a little too early, and Fallout 4 could launch later this year; but until there is a confirmation this is merely speculation.

With E3 2015 less than two weeks away, it’s possible all will be clear as to whether or not Fallout 4 will release during 2015 very soon.


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