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‘Cosmonautica’ Launches on iOS, Android, Steam in June

Developer Chasing Carrots has announced its quirky space simulation game Cosmonautica will launch on iOS, Android and Steam at the end of June.

Cosmonautica combines life simulation, space simulation and humor to provide a unique experience filled with a colourful cast of characters. Players will captain a washed-up space cruiser and must manage their crew in order to become the galaxy’s greatest space trader.

Cosmonautica features advanced simulation gameplay, the ability to manage the morale of their crew, a robust trading system of both legal and illegal goods, while also allowing players to customise their ship to create unique vessels that can participate in space battles. Cosmonautica will also support cross-platform saved games, allowing players to take their save file from PC to their tablet or vice versa.

“As mobile devices increasingly become more advanced, players are looking for console-quality gameplay, and we feel Cosmonautica can provide the experience mobile gamers want,” said Josef Vorbeck, producer at Chasing Carrots.

“We’ve already received overwhelming fan support for Cosmonautica from the game’s time in Early Access and we’re looking forward to delivering a fun and solid playing experience to not only mobile gamers, but also to Steam users who have yet to try Cosmonautica’s humorous play.”

Cosmonautica for iOS and Android devices will cost $6.79, while Cosmonautica will depart Steam Early Access for $14.99 at the end of June with an assortment of new content, which include new missions, spaceships and improve crew gameplay. Until then players can still purchase Cosmonautica in Early Access for $9.99.


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