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Co-Operative Roguelike ‘Rogue Continuum’ Announced

Publisher Surprise Attack Games and Developer Rocktastic Games have announced the co-operative roguelike planet crawler, Rogue Continuum.

Rogue Continuum tells the story of four borderline psychotic individuals as they travel back through time to stop the destruction from Earth, by slaughtering the culprits before they get the chance to cause destruction. Players will have a fully persistent progression system, as they utilise each of the four characters specific abilities, weapons and play styles to save the Earth

Rogue Continuum was originally in development as Space Sluggers, but Rocktastic Games stepped away from development of the linear sci-fi adventure to pursue the new roguelike design.

Rogue Continuum is scheduled to release on Steam Early Access in September, 2015 for PC and Mac, before a full release on PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.


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