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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Coming to 3DS

If you didn’t know recently Nintendo and Konami agreed to a distribution deal, in laymens  they have partnered up to give you excellent Konami games on Nintendo platforms. That deals rears its head today as Nintendo Australia has announced that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS, this March 9 in Australia and New Zealand. Seems the deal is good for us gamers, that’s for sure.

The premise of Mirrors of Fate has you playing a multiple array of characters from the famous Castlevanian Belmont family, the catch being these are across different eras of time and each possess unique skills and abilities. Think Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, but more Dracula. The game will feature a strategic combat system allowing players a large set of combos at their disposal, which will come in handy when you encounter the games enormous boss fights. It will also take full advantage of the 3D abilities capable from the Nintendo handheld, allowing high resolution 3D graphics and providing full 3D battles.

Narrative wise, the game is set 25 years after Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It will reveal the story of Gabriel Belmont;s descendants, Simon and Trevor Belmont, which will showcase their discovery of their true, shocking fate. Trevor Belmont is a knight of the Brotherhood of Light and has his own goal of avenging his mothers death, by the hands of his mother. Gabriel on the other hand is now the vampire Dracula, he has declared war upon the Brotherhood, which will lead to a defining showdown between father and son. This is not a mere squabble between father and son, this is a battle to the finish.

“Nintendo 3DS is the perfect platform to release the latest installment in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow franchise.” Spoke Shinji Hirano, the European President of Konami Digital Entertainment. “Because of the console’s unique 3D capabilities and graphical power this will be the best looking portable Castlevania experience ever and will give fans of the series thrilling action on the go.”

The game will see release in just over 1 months time, does the idea of a new Castlevania experience on your 3DS excite you? Well until then keep it marked to Analog Addiction for all things Belmont, Dracula and of course Castlevania

Jamie Briggs enjoys the movie Helsing, because it is actually Wolverine in disguise. Like Analog Addiction on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and their videos on YouTube.


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