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‘Capcom Arcade Cabinet All in One Pack’ Released

Capcom has released the Capcom Arcade Cabinet All in One Pack, featuring all 15 games that were released on the Arcade Cabinet, including two bonus titles.This arcade collection houses arcade classics from 1984-87, and is available on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network for $49.99AU / 2000 Microsoft Points.

The 17 games included in this collection are listed below.

  1. Black Tiger

  2. Avengers 

  3. 1943: The Battle of Midway

  4. Ghosts n Goblins

  5. Gun.Smoke

  6. Section Z

  7. Side Arms 

  8. Legendary Wings 

  9. Trojan

  10. Commando

  11. The Speed Rumbler

  12. Exed Exes (Savage Bees) 

  13. 1942 

  14. SonSon 

  15. Pirate Ship Higemaru

  16. 1943 Kai and

  17. Vulgus.

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