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Call of Duty Vita: Debut Trailer and Developer Announced

We were greeted to some very interesting news at Sony’s PlayStation Conference at Gamescom today, after a huge wait we were finally given details regarding one of Vita’s biggest upcoming titles Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. This game was announced last year with the launch of the PlayStation Vita itself, but since then we were given nothing more then an announcement of the games title at E3 2012, no screenshots or videos of gameplay have ever been  seen…Until now.

We were given a short 1 minute gameplay trailer of the title showcasing some of the games missions and multiplayer features. The game will feature “covert single play missions” as well as “4 v 4 multiplayer on the go”. Showcasing off a few new maps as well during the games short trailer it showed one map looking VERY similar to Nuketown, the beloved fan favourite from the original Black Ops.

However this was a canned demo and no hands have been conducted by the media (yet) it was also finally revealed who would be developing Declassified, Nihilistic Software. This studio has already developed one first person shooter for the Vita and that was Resistance: Burning Skies, which was given a disappointing score of 4/10 on Analog Addiction, the review stating hat Burning Skies “feels like an unpolished, unfinished and disconnected experience”.

Are you still excited?

This however has left many fans with mixed reactions to the game, with a track record such as Nihilistic this is a weird decision indeed. They have not only developed Resistance: Burning Skies however, but also PlayStation Move Heroes (Receiving a 53 and 60 on Metacrtic). Though this does not mean that this game will suffer the same failures as their previous titles, it does leave cause for concern for fans before purchase.

Has the announcement of the developer lost your interest in the game? Are you even more excited for Declassified? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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