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‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ Launches On iOS Devices

Activision has announced the launch of Call of Duty: Strike Team, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Strike Team has been optimised for mobile and tablet mechanics, allowing players to control a squad of four highly trained Strike Team members. Their loadouts and skills are entirely customisable, with the in-game view able to seamlessly switch from classic first person action, to a top down third person perspective as they provide tactical decisions.

Developed by Activision’s new mobile development team at The Blast Furnace, which is being led by veteran developers Mark Washbrook from Rockstar London, and Gordon Hall from Rockstar Leeds.

“Call of Duty: Strike Team is all about giving a single player experience that is unlike anything else in the Call of Duty world in a way that matches the interests of players on-the-go,” said Mark Washbrook, Studio Head of The Blast Furnace.

“By giving fans the option to play in either first-person or third-person views, and to switch between them on the fly, we’ve really opened the doors for gamers to have a fun and entertaining gameplay experience with Call of Duty: Strike Team, because they can play the game the way they want.”

Call of Duty: Strike Team features both a single player story campaign with cinematic moments the franchise is known for, as well as a Survival Mode featuring perks and prestige levels fans will recognise. Players can compete against their friends through online leaderboards and also sign-in using their Call of Duty account for special in-game bonuses.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is available for $7.49 from the App Store and will also be available this Fall for Android devices.

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