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‘Burden’ Reveal Trailer, Steam Early Access Announced

Surprise Attack Games and PixelPickle Games have  revealed the debut trailer for Burden, alongside the announcement the title will launch on Steam Early Access in the next two months.

Burden is a unique tactical tower defense game, where players must manage multiple battlefronts simultaneously Using shields and artillery towers, players must defend the exterior of their colossus while also battling on multiple nodes, these points are critical and enemies will attempt to board if they are not defended appropriately.

“Tower defense with a twist is enough of a cliche that someone somewhere is probably planning a game jam about it as we speak ,” said Chris Wright, Managing Director of Surprise Attack Games. “But if its a cliche to want to play a tower defense game set on a 200ft tall mechanical beast then colour me cliched and call me Susan.”

Burden will be broken into chapters, which will each contain different colossus. Throughout each of these chapters, players must defend against waves of enemies that are attempting to board your colossi – which are machines built by your ancestors and originally thoughts to be myth. It is up to you to defend these giant machines in order to save the land and its people.

“Everyone talks about standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Rob Dowling, Director at Pixel Pickle Games. “but they never consider those shoulders have towers that can kill you.”

Burden is being developed for PC with Mac and Linux versions in the works. Purchasing Burden on Steam Early Access will cost $15, while the launch price will be $20 when it releases later this year.

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