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‘Battlefield 3: End Game’ Now Available for PlayStation 3 Premium Members

DICE and EA announced today that the fifth and final installment of digital expansions for Battlefield 3, was now available for Battlefield 3 Premium members on PlayStation 3.

‘Battlefield 3: End Game’ features four new maps inspired by each of the four seasons, including Kiasar Railroad and Operation Riverside. It also offers players four new vehicles including a new dirt bike, two AA vehicles and the new dropship which can turn the tides in battle by deploying air drops of troop transports. ‘End Game’ also includes two classic game modes in the form of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority, with also five new assignments, 16 dog tags and five trophies/achievements.

‘Battlefield 3: End Game‘ will release to players on the following schedule.

  1. Battlefield 3 Premium members: March 6 (PlayStation 3,) March 13 (Xbox 360 and PC)

  2. Standard Battlefield 3 players: March 20 (PlayStation 3,) March 27 (Xbox 360 and PC)

Since the introduction of Battlefield 3 Premium, more than 2.9 million players have signed up for the service. With the launch of ‘End Game’, EA and DICE hope to end the games long support with a massive expansion worthy of the games send off.

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