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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Released

The third DLC expansion pack for Battlefield 3 has now been released, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is now available to Premium Battlefield subscribers on the PlayStation 3. Armored Kill includes four new multiplayer maps, including the biggest Battlefield map in history, six additional vehicles, 20+ unlocks and the new multiplayer mode, Tank Superiority.

Armored Kill emphasizes all-out vehicular combat the Battlefield series is known for, delivering six new vehicles including ATV’s, mobile artillery and an aerial gunship. Also including maps that span the Alborz Mountains, all the way to the largest map in Battlefield history, the Bandar Desert.

The latest multiplayer mode Tank Superiority also debuts, this intense mode places two opposing tank platoons in battle for one single control point.  The team, who destroys all their opponents respawn tickets first, is the victor.

PlayStation 3 Premium subscribers have these maps available now, with Xbox 360 and PC Premium members gaining access on September 11. Non-subscribers on PlayStation 3 will gain access on September 18 with Xbox 360 and PC non-subscribers following on September 25. These maps can be purchased with one easy subscription to Battlefield Premium, or purchased separately.

Bandar Desert in action

This is Battlefield 3’s third expansion since the original Back to Karkand DLC; two more expansions are on the way with Aftermath coming this December and the last piece of DLC End Game coming March 2013.

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