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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Details

Information regarding Battlefield 3’s upcoming expansion pack Armored Kill has been given from EA themselves. The expansion will include four new maps, including the biggest map in Battlefield history called Bandar Desert. Also new vehicle additions will be added including ATV’s tanks and mobile artillery units, five new vehicle unlocks, 20 + unlocks for the new vehicles and the latest game mode called Tank Superiority, which has been explained on the Battlefield Blog as a mode involving tank pilots and infantry unit “all their skills to control key points of the maps.” Seem like cooperative play will be key to victory.

Coming in September

This expansion will keep the player cap set at 24 on consoles, also the new modes will be playable via all six game modes. Armored Kill is set to arrive in September this year, like all downloadable content it will have a one week head start on Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. This will be the third expansion pack for Battlefield 3 out of the five that have been announced, these follow Decembers 2011 release of Back to Karkand and last months Close Quarters. DICE has also spoken regarding the release of their next expansion, Aftermath which will be released the following December and the final expansion End Game being released March 2013. This will end the expansion pack updates for Battlefield 3 before the Battlefield 4 beta begins

The Battlefield expansions packs can all be purchased separately or through the one-time purchased of Battlefield Premium, which costs $49.99 in North America. The Premium content also includes unique in-game weaponry, priority servers, double XP weekends and new dog tags as well as early access to all downloadable content with any extra cost.

Within two weeks of Premium being live, EA stated they sold 800,000 subscriptions. Do you own Premium? Looking forward to more Battlefield 3 content? Let me known in the comments below.

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