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‘Battlefield 1’ Announced, Release Date Revealed

The latest installment in the Battlefield franchise has been revealed, and it is called Battlefield 1.

Developed by DICE, Battlefield 1 will launch October 1 worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and for PC via Origin. Battlefield 1 will be set in World War 1, featuring “immersive battles” across France, the Italian Alps and the deserts of Arabia.

The debut trailer also offers a brief glimpse at the various types of combat players will experience, from air warfare in combat ready biplanes, to ground combat on horseback. Battlefield 1 will also feature a focus on melee combat, with options such as a trench shovel and spiked baton available.

Multiplayer is Battlefield 1 will feature 64 players matches in a “true sandbox experience”. Players will take to the skies, the seas and land for classic spectacle filled Battlefield multiplayer.

“The game will deliver a fresh experience full of what makes Battlefield great, with a multiplayer sandbox, immersion, epic scale, authenticity, team play and an ever-changing world full of unexpected Battlefield moments,“  said Aleksander Grøndal, Senior Producer, DICE. “We’re inviting players on an epic journey across a war-torn world, taking them to the Great War and providing something both varied and unique in Battlefield 1.”

Analog Addiction will have a lot more on Battlefield 1 before it launches on October 21.


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