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Australian Dev Nnooo Showcasing Three Titles At PAX East

Sydney based game developer Nnooo have announced they will be attending this year’s PAX East event in Boston. The studio will be showcasing three games currently in development, which will include Blast ‘Em Bunnies, Cubemen 2 and Orbitor.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies is a pick-up-and-play endless shooter which will launch for PlayStation 4, Vita and 3DS later this year. Players must defend their burrow against an onslaught of evil bunnies. Players can use a variety of unique weapons such as the carrot rifle, watermelon pip gun or the turnip mortar. Analog Addiction had the chance to preview the game at the EB Games Expo last year, where we left impressed and addicted.

Cubemen 2 is a significant Wii U title as it will be the first indie game on the Nintendo console to offer both cross-platform multiplayer and cross-platform user generated content. Players enter fast-paced 3D battles online and share their own created levels. The Wii U version of Cubemen 2 will feature over 4,000 user created levels that have already been created on the PC, Linux, Mac and iOS versions.

Lastly, Orbitor is a space-themed adventure game due to release later this year on consoles and handhelds. Players control a space probe in order to collect energy from life forms, destroy them or even orbit them. Orbitor will also feature a story that involves the probe wanting to destroy its creator, who will be discovered throughout the adventure.

Those attending PAX East will get to experience these three titles at booth 118 throughout the event from April 11-13.


Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, his personal blog and his videos on YouTube.


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