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‘Arma 3’ – ‘Survive’ Episode 1 Campaign Trailer

Celebrating the launch of the first free Arma 3 campaign episode ‘Survive’, Bohemia Interactive has released a new trailer for the campaign.

‘Survive’ introduces the conflict between the NATO, CSAT, and AAF factions that takes place in the campaign. Players take control of Ben Kerry, a soldier who is taking part in the NATO peacekeeping operation in the Mediterranean.

Five years since the civil war in the Republic of Atlis & Stratis came to an end, NATO has finally starting withdrawing troops from the region, unknowingly creating conditions for a Mediterranean flashpoint. Kerry’s unit together for a clandestine group of UKSF operations are soon caught up in the situation and must fight for their own survival.

Alongside the story content, the first campaign episode also provides extra weapons, animations, 3D objects and scripted modules that offer more variety of Arma 3 content creators. The free inclusion of creator tools will continue with further campaign episodes, which will include new vehicles.

‘Survive’ is now available as a free downloadable update through Steam, while Episode 2 (Adapt) and Episode 3 (Win) release dates will be announced at a later date.

Arma 3 is available for purchase on Steam, and available at many major retailers.

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